Integrated Solutions




Our equipment solutions are built around a common framework to allow simplicity and efficiency. We understand that every event is different; it is why we offer different solutions designed to fit your customized event needs.




• Custom scanner design
• User-friendly
• Comfortable
• Prevents duplicate tickets
• Internet independent
• Hands-free option
• Detailed scan reports
• Ability to scan on mobile devices


Our scanners are custom built for ticket scanning features, stability, and performance. By using specialized scanning hardware and our own custom built software, our scanners are able to maximize battery life while maintaining amazing performance with 65+ ticket validations per minute! We also store the equipment data in one central location for quick and convenient access.

Internet Independence

Our scanners are designed to operate with or without an internet connection in order to enhance reliability and simplicity, and ensure that your guests can get through the line quickly to enjoy your event!

Stand-Alone Scan Mode

In Stand-Alone Mode, our scanners provide an ideal, simple, and cost effective solution for ticket scanning and validation. Stand Alone mode allows our customers to minimize equipment costs by using a single or multiple independent scanners.

Connected Scan Mode

Connected Scan Mode allows scanners to communicate with one another and with our online Ticket Portal. Connected Mode offers a number of advantages including cross-scanner ticket validation and live scanner statistics reporting through our secure online Ticket Portal. Additionally, cross-scanner ticket validation means that even if customers try to enter through multiple gates with a copy of the same ticket, your ticket scanning personnel are notified immediately of a duplicate or used ticket scan.

Scanning tickets is simple and quick with our intuitive software interface, plain-English validation messages and color-coded scanner responses. Take a look at our scan result screens below to see how easy it is!


Ticket Terminals

Our Point of Sale (POS) Ticket Terminal machine is a portable, user-friendly, low cost, thermal ticketing system. The rugged design of the ticket terminal allows it to endure the often challenging conditions of the environment, and the touch screen ability offers a user-friendly interface that anyone can understand. One of the most important features we offer is the ability for the ticket terminal to continue to operate even if internet connection is lost. The inherent design of the POS ticketing system stores all data locally. When the internet connection becomes available again, data is sent to the Admit One Products’ servers via the internet, providing quick reporting of transactions and scan data. The POS system works hand-in-hand with our online ticketing system, and all reports are accessible in one central location. Additionally, we offer the unique ability to look up and print Will Call or lost E-Tickets.


• Instant bar coding & ticket printing
• Transaction receipts
• Ticket control
• Flexible ticket sizes
• Multiple products
• Credit card swipe
• Sponsors, coupons & discounts
• Cash drawers
• Internet independent
• E-Ticket & Will Call look up
• Audit & balance ticket sales
Here are some examples of our ticket terminal templates!

Self-Serve Kiosks

Transform Your Event With Self-Serve Kiosks!


• Reduces Labor Costs
• Easy Set Up
• Provides Audit Control
• For Indoor and Outdoor Use
• Reduces Box Office Lines
• Offers 24 Hour Sales
• Real-time Sales Information Available
• Survey Capabilities
• Flexible Data Gathering Options
• Minimal Transaction Time
• Pricing on a Per-Ticket Basis


• 19" Touchscreen
• Accepts All Major Credit Cards
• Instantly Prints 2”x5” Tickets &Transaction Receipts
• Hardwire Internet Connection
• Height: 60” Width: 22” Depth: 20”
• Animated instructional graphics for easy use

Self-serve kiosks are recommended for larger events. All rental equipment is subject to availability.