Pricing at a Glance

No One Likes Fees, So We Strive to Make Them Low
for Both You and Your Purchasers!

Online Event Set Up
General Admission: $99 (may be waived based on volume)
Reserved Admission: Varies based on number of seats & venue layout
Convenience Fees
$1.00-$1.50 per General Admission ticket
$2.00-$2.50 per Reserved Admission ticket
(reduced fees are acceptable with further discussion)
Credit Card Fees
$0.27 per transaction + 2-3.5%
(fees based on using Admit One Products' merchant account)
$150 each
(may be waived based on volume)
Ticket Terminals
$150 per machine per day
* Credit card fees vary based on credit card type and what is set with your merchant provider.
* Depending on your unique set up, fees may vary or additional fees may apply.
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You Set the Fees! Explore Your Potential Revenue With Our Fee Revenue Calculator!

* This calculator is a model for determining how to best set your fees while helping offset some of your expenses.
Please be advised that setting fees too high may ward off online ticket purchasers.

* Convenience fees may vary based on your unique event set up.
* The 4% credit card fee is an overestimation; you will keep any overages resulting from actual credit card fees.

$99 E-Ticket Starter Package Includes:
  • Creation of sales page (up to 15 ticket types included)
  • E-Ticket (customer to print-at-home) or Will Call option
  • Proprietary barcode on every E-Ticket for added security
  • Real-time access to customer information and reports
  • Customer service and phone support staff
  • Marketing tools to promote your event

  • Choose Your Preferences:

    Convenience Fees:
  • May be paid by ticket purchasers or absorbed by client

  • Credit Card Fees:
  • May be added to and built into customer convenience fees to help offset cost to client

  • Merchant Account Options:
  • Admit One Products' merchant account and payment gateway
  • Your own merchant account and payment gateway

  • Customize Your Package With Add-Ons:
  • Reserved event venue creation
  • Calendar view option to display multiple
    performances or show times
  • Equipment rentals (scanners and/or ticket terminals)
  • Onsite technical support staff to assist during your event
  • Ordering options by phone or mail