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Admit One Products' accounting and reporting tools give your organization much more insight into progress of ticket sales. These tools allow for 24-hour access to real-time, detailed reports showing the number of tickets that have been sold, who purchased these tickets, how much money has been collected, and more. Whether you are selling tickets online, at the door, or simply scanning tickets, we offer a secure database for you to log in and view all data in one central location. These reports may be beneficial in tailoring future events to your customer base.

Here are just some of our many great reporting features:

• Financial summary & order detail of online transactions
• Event manifest of online purchasers for verifying attendees at the door
• Breakdown of online ticket sales by date, ticket type, payment method and source
• Percentage of tickets sold and dollar amount per city and zip code
• Comparison of ticket sales across different event years
• Tracking of sales, promo code and QR code activity
• “Un-Printed” E-Ticket list including bar codes that may be scanned if customer forgets to print tickets
• Ability to export report data into Excel
• Detailed transaction search and customer look up
• Visual dashboards with data on daily sales, product comparison and marketing
• Usage reports provide scan data per day, per scanner and per ticket type
• Scan data determines a total sales and breakage value (value of tickets that were purchased but unused)
• Ticket terminal transaction look up and extensive reporting by ticket type, machine and seller

Examples of Reports

Sample Sales Report


Sample Marketing Reports

Sample Scan Report

Sample POS Report